Many of the decisions made by our current city council majority benefit a very small group of people. The Council seems to favor developers and wealthy business interests, and people are starting to take notice. Burbank residents are seeing their quality of life affected by increased traffic, a spike in crime, and the degradation of our parks and public spaces. All too often, big money is taking precedence over quality of life here in Burbank.

It’s time for someone in city hall to put people first.

I’m running for City Council to put Burbank residents back at the core of our city’s decision making. I hope you’ll join me.

  • Let’s stop large-scale developments that we all know will cause traffic nightmares.
  • Let’s stop giving away precious city-owned property to developers for less than its fair market value.
  • Let’s have a look at the close ties between big business interests and our city staff, especially in light of recent illegal campaign finance activity.
  • Let’s address the issues that have left our police department woefully understaffed.
  • Let’s protect our parks from further damage by restoring the police park detail.

Together, we can restore our city services and protect our quality of life; it begins with your vote. I respectfully ask for your support.