I have lived in Burbank for 20 years, after serving honorably in the armed forces. I am running because our City Council has failed to protect the interests of Burbank residents. For some time now, developers have had their way with Burbank. Large projects are going up all around us, with little regard for how they will affect our community. Burbank needs to strike a balance between commercial and residential interests, and each phase of development should be followed by a period of recovery and adjustment. Unfortunately, we now have a city council that protects business interests at the expense of the people who live here, and city services have been affected. We’ve seen an increase in crime, while our police department remains woefully understaffed; our streets are clogged with traffic, and our parks are becoming makeshift campgrounds. I stand with the people of Burbank. I will insist that all development provides adequate parking and brings with it real solutions to our traffic problems. Together, we can restore our city services and solve our problems; it begins with your vote. I respectfully ask for your support.


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